Cutting the ties that bind is a method that allows a person to become independent and a whole human being, relying only on their inner source of wisdom and security. It is a method which liberates people from all of their sources of false security.

The technique uses symbols to carry messages to the subconscious part of the mind in order to offset some of the negative conditioning that may have been received earlier in life. The technique will benefit most when criticism is held at bay. By consciously withholding judgement, your subconscious mind will be allowed to benefit from the positive conditioning presented in the symbols. Unless the subconscious mind is impressed and allowed to participate, no changes to a person’s life are possible no matter how much their conscious mind may desire to change.

The technique aims to link ourselves to the High Self in order to seek guidance from the wisdom within each of us. To make this connection, a visualization technique is used. Within each session a person may ask to be given whatever they needed and could handle at that particular time. Most people who are seeking for the meaning of life, have some idea that there is a power within everyone which transcends the limited conscious personality. They have often come to realize that their conscious minds and brains are not capable of helping them with all of their problems. Usually they just need to be shown how to contact their own indwelling wisdom.

This technique offers assistance to those interested in self discovery and wishing to release from old attachments and patterns. The participants are fully awake and conscious during the session and are never in a trance. They remember everything in detail from their experience, which has been described as one of heightened awareness where emotions are usually far more intense than those encountered in ordinary consciousness.

It is not necessary to be gifted or psychic but be sincere in seeking the truth and be honest, dedicated and obedient to their inner guidance.