Your brain is the control tower of your life. It determines the person you are and what you do. The brain works like an organic machine, shooting out electrical signals to the rest of the body, governing our thoughts, actions, emotions and behaviour. When the brain is in balance, it is working at its best, allowing a person to fully experience life.

The environment we live in, however, can throw our brains out of balance. This imbalance results in a wide range of symptoms such as bad sleep, stress or anxiety, depression, inability to focus, physical pain, reduced cognitive ability and a variety of symptoms. Fortunately, the brain can be taught to bring itself back into balance.

Neuromeditation is a natural and safe form of biofeedback which allows a qualified practitioner to analyse brain activity, recognise areas of imbalance, and then use visual and auditory feedback to entrain the brain to the desired effect, a state of mental homeostasis. Neuromeditation combines meditation, neuroanatomy, biofeedback and mind to body science (psychoneuroimmunology) with technology to provide a safe and natural way for people to experience the benefits of long term disciplined meditation in a shorter period of time.

A balanced and efficient working brain means less stress, more deliberate living, increased mental efficiency and cognitive functioning. Furthermore, a host of common symptoms associated with an imbalanced nervous system also diminish or disappear.

The main aim of Serenity training is to achieve balance across all brain waves. Achieving such a state of ‘balance’ can take anywhere between 4 to 12 training sessions o­n Serenity, depending o­n the individual. o­nce balance is achieved, we can focus o­n specific pathologies, such as insomnia, stress, depression, etc, however in most cases a change in the presenting problems is detected during the first 5 to 10 sessions. Training o­n Serenity is not restricted to o­ne particular problem or symptom. This means that whilst training, the majority of clients can expect to see improvement in a number of presenting problems over the course of training. Eg. You may commence Serenity in the hope of achieving fewer, if any, anxiety attacks. Over the course you may notice that your anxiety attacks are becoming further apart, but you are also sleeping better and your stress levels have reduced.

Serenity training sessions can be completed with a minimum of o­ne day and a maximum of two weeks between any two sessions.