Sound Therapy – Sound Bath.
This is the ultimate of all relaxing and healing therapies, this is definitely the way to destress and rebalance.
Are you aware that our bodies react to frequencies- this being positively and negatively.
In todays busy world and technology moving so fast, we tend to overlook the things that surround us that are effecting our health such as electro magnetic frequency from items such as mobile phones, Wi Fi, microwaves, and so many smart accessories for the home.
Our Body has a frequency they requires being balanced and when unbalanced you feel every challenge as if it were a mountain to move, stress builds up, and if not dealt with physical health issues start to develop or emotions can become hard to control..

What A session would entail:
A client does not need to disrobe
You will be welcomed into a relaxing atmosphere with healing oils and soft lighting along with comfortable temperature.
You the client would be laying on the massage table relaxing covered with a soft cover, soaking up all the sounds/ frequencies coming from a variety of tools such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, American Indian drum, and the amazing crystal Lyre.
You the client will melt into this “Sound Bath” for approximately 50 minutes, which will inturn rebalance your body.