Let’s work together this Autumn and Winter to build your immune system and make you healthier.

If you have an issue that seems to be difficult for other practitioners to work out or resolve, it may be worth giving our therapist a call to discuss your needs and if we can assist you. We are looking forward to meeting and assisting you throughout 2024.

Our team is more than happy to discuss your needs with you.

Distinguishing features

Natural approach uses only natural Therapies to heal and assist different health problems including chronic diseases.

Natural healing procedures, gentle and safe for your body.

Natural treatments do not carry side effects of Allopathic medicines.

Offered =Reiki,  Bowen therapy, Colour and Sound Therapy, Kinesiology, Ear Candling, Flower Essences and other  therapies that address Emotional and Mental conditions.

Use of  natural non invasive methods, supplements or homeopathics may be needed.

Change after first session, Permanent relief where available.

Certified and experienced therapists.

Many, Many ailments successfully treated so far.

Crystal Healing
Bowen Therapy
Ear Candling
Sound/Colour Therapy

For the mind

Emotional Freedom Technique , Kinesiology, Reiki and Cutting The Ties That Bind, along with Bowen Therapy.

By following natural healing procedures and emotional freedom techniques, we provide you relief from different emotional and mental problems. We rely on natural techniques to assist you with your recovery, which you will be empowered to be involved in your own healing.. During our natural treatment procedure, we focus on rectifying your complete self =Body, Mind and Spirit and empowering you to take control of your life and body. Contact us and look forward to a new chapter of your life.

When there are problems in your physical body, you tend to feel older and unwell and have no energy for anything. At The Natural Approach Healing Centre we have highly qualified Therapists that offer several modalities that address body pain, be it neck or shoulder pain, back or leg pain, even migraine issues.  At this centre, we follow different body healing procedures to provide you relief from most pain, be it joint pain ,other muscular problems or pain caused from stress or mental anguish.

Please feel free to call us and discuss your issue if you need more information around your particular ailment.

Our Therapists can assist you with issues causing your stressed mind, and teach you techniques that can be used throughout the future with other stresses that arise. Maybe you are feeling that you have Anxiety or have been told that you have depression, or maybe you are unhappy with how your life is traveling and you feel you are not reaching your full potential. Give us a call…the sooner you act the sooner you can enjoy your life.

Our therapists have a high understanding of Metaphysics and will help you balance your energyic body, assisting you to dispel negativity and move forward in your life.. We help prepare you to overcome any challenge that may ever appear in your life. This will give you confidence and stop the doubt that keeps appearing for you. Keeping your body energetically balanced is like keeping your car serviced, everything runs well when all is serviced.

Our clinic: 101 Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy VIC

Appointments may be made by phoning either 9370 8777 or 0416 494 476 We wish to advise that due to heavy demand we must have 24 hours notice for cancellations or a fee will be incurred.