Bowen Therapy And PARKINSONS.

2013. AP.
I was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease about 6 years ago and my condition was deteriorating rapidly, to the point in which I was hospitalised due to stiffness, rigidity and loss of balance, and the overall deteriation of my condition. I had all the classical symptoms of Parkinson's including restless legs, unable to settle and sit, or lie down. Since I have been recieving Bowen Therapy which I commenced two years ago, my general health has improved immensly. I strongly recommend bowen therapy to anyone who wishes to ease their pains and stiffness, and reduce their symptoms of their disease.

Regards, AP


November 2 at 11:57am · Melbourne ·
From SL
Hi Sharon, I just wanted to thank you for "curing" me of so many issues, some of which I'd forgotten I had because I was so used to dealing with them, they'd "disappeared". Since my sessions of Bowen Therapy my acute chronic sinus condition (which was specialist diagnosed in 1990) has disappeared. I have not yet suffered a migraine headache (neither the painful nor pain-free types I've had for 55 years). The neck, shoulder and upper back pain have gone too! Amazing!! That had become part of my life long ago. And to top it off, I now have full neck extension in all directions. My lower back pain has disappeared too and I can now (unfortunately) clean my whole house in one day, including floors (sweeping or vacuuming and mopping), and all bed changes, and even move the furniture about. And just to top it off, the knee pain I had from my many falls has gone too, and the ankle swelling that had become part of the whole. I recently took my car in for service in Islington Street, Collingwood and walked into the Bourke Street Mall to waste time before picking it up. When I got home I still had energy to burn. Believe me when I say that I've not been able to do that for a long time, and I'm delighted with the revitalised feeling I have - energy to burn, literally, and the most wonderful sleeping pattern has returned too. You truly are my miracle worker. Thank you so much. And just by the way, I've referred another friend to contact you besides the ones about whom I spoke with you recently. Cheers.
— feeling relaxed.
A German Diplomat (a lovely gentleman, but skeptical) was treated by one of our competent Therapist's before flying back to Berlin the next day. On arrival he sent a letter of thank you to her and said he would continue treatment in Germany, as he was feeling great and had sought other treatments for a long time unsuccessfully. He felt amazing after just one Bowen Therapy Treatment. "He must have been flying with the Angels"
Well done. AJ.
A Testimonial by a Mother of a Child with Cerebal Palsy. My name is A D and I am the mother of 2 year old Benjamin who has been attending The Natural Approach Healing Centre for Bowen Therapy Treatment for his Cerebal Palsy. The Catalyst for Ben's Cerebal Palsy (and other health issues) was the fact he was born 12 weeks prematurely. With under developed lungs and chronic lung disease, it now seems this conclusion was unfortunately imminent for Ben. Ben was "officially" diagnosed with a mild form of Cerebal Palsy (called Spastic Dipligia affecting his lower limbs) at around 18 months of age. Ben began seeing Sharon approximately 6 months ago.This treatment process has been gradual but with encouraging improvements along the way I put my faith in Sharon to help Ben with this therapy. Defying the predictions of paediatricians, physiotherapists and other "main stream" specialists, after about 3-4 months of weekly-fortnightly visits with Sharon, Ben began standing o­n his own. He has recently started walking unaided! This has astounded his specialists who could never guarantee he would EVER walk unaided, let alone at two and a half! The energy and devotion that Sharon has shown towards Ben and her genuine "need" to help and heal people with illness or disability is nothing short of inspirational. If o­nly there were more like her in the health profession who would adopt these attitudes and practices, there would be far fewer people suffering with pain and illness. I am honoured to give this testimonial o­n behalf of Ben. I wouldn't hesitate to encourage and recommend others to try Bowen Therapy.
With much thanks, A D, Airport West
I stumbled in to my first session of Bowen Therapy one morning, shaking, chilling and not coping with psychological abuse and a relationship breakup. I was aware of lots of old memories of feeling unloved and confused when I was physically abused as a three year old and the marks from that abuse had reappeared on my body just months ago. To my surprise, after only one session of Bowen, the abuse marks subsided substantially. I slept for the first time in a week and a toe that had been bent for 41 years after it had been jumped on by a childhood boyfriend, had straightened! I could move my whole body without stiffness and I began to accept myself more. What a technique! And what a blessing! Thank you so much Sharon for your help.
HA, Essendon
I originally sought Bowen Therapy for a long standing problem with tendonitis in both forearms. I also thought it might improve my overall sense of well being. I have had a drastic improvement in the amount of pain I have in both my arms. I also used to have a fairly constant pain under my left shoulder blade which I had become used to having - now this is almost completely gone! As for the improvement in my sense of well being, I had hoped to feel less tired but I didn't expect to feel re-energised spiritually. I had been in somewhat of a rut without knowing it, after several treatments I suddenly felt enthusiastic about making the changes in my life that I had been procrastinating about. I feel that I am in control of my life again, which sounds a bit much I know, but I can only attribute it to the Bowen Therapy. I feel more alive than I have for a long time, and the lovely part of all this is that the improvements have continued even though my treatment has ceased. Thanks so much Sharon for all that you did my for me, I was told you were a lovely person and you most certainly are.
MH, Hoppers Crossing
About 18 months to 2 years ago, I started suffering from Insomnia . I went from one doctor to another doctor and nothing they could give me seemed to work. Some times I was still awake at 4am in the morning. I had a Hypnosis session and for 2 nights I slept for 14 hours each night. Now I have had about 8 hours sleep each night since!
NK, Sunbury
After my first Bowen Therapy session I had more energy than I can remember having for a long time. I felt focused and found it easier to overcome my emotional issues.
JM, East Coburg
It all started in April last year when I got a viral infection in my inner ear. I went to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who told me that it would take about one year to recover. I was so upset because every day I was feeling dizzy and off balance. It not only effected my physically but emotionally as well. I thought I was going crazy. I was so depressed ; I started getting anxious , feeling fear and began losing a lot of weight. I really began to worry- I had never felt like this before. My sister suggested that I see a Bowen Therapist . I had never heard of a Bowen Therapist. A few years earlier my sister lived in Sydney when someone suggested Bowen Therapy as she was having problems with her leg- it really helped her. I thought, ‘I have nothing to lose’. I rang The Natural Approach Healing Centre and booked in with Sharon. I only had four sessions with Sharon and I really felt the difference. I was not crying anymore and the anxiety and fear where near gone. I was taught a technique to get me through my anxiety called the Emotional Freedom Technique – it really works. Not only can I thank my sister for recommending Bowen Therapy but also Sharon for helping me with Bowen Therapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique. I know that the door is always open anytime I need to see her at The Natural Approach Healing Centre. Thank you again Sharon, you are a lovely and caring person and that is what I needed!
RS, Millpark.
For the past 35 year I have suffered from migraines. I have had 2 operations and tried many other treatments in the past with little success. I have been using vibrational essences for 1 month now and could not believe that in a few days my migraines have stopped. I would recommend these drops to anyone who also suffers from migraines as they truly work!
JS, Taylors Lakes
After the first treatment of Bowen Therapy RC said he ‘has not felt this good since the beginning of the year’.
RC, Mitcham Client TNAHC

Regards, AP

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