Our mission is to provide alternative remedies for those experiencing dis-ease within the body and to promote health and wellbeing for all.

I would like to introduce myself as the founder of The Natural Approach Healing Centre. I am Sharon Hopkins and it has been my dream for many years to open a centre and be able to provide a range of alternative therapies to the public all under the o­ne roof. I have had The Natural Approach Healing Centre since 2000, and worked from a home clinic for 7 years prior.

I have always had an interest in natural and alternative therapies and started studying various therapies many years ago. As my interest grew I realized this was something I wanted to devote all of my time to. I continued to study and ran a practice out of my home. Over the following years my clientele grew and I decided my clients would benefit most from a clinic environment where they would have access to a number of therapies, instead of o­nly those I had to offer. I  operated several large clinics in Melbourne metro area and one in Kyabram (Near Shepparton), this along with hours that begin before normal work times and end much later, offered a unique service for our clients. These days I only operate out of Kyabram, which many clients are happy to travel to and enjoy the lovely countryside.

Throughout my journey I set about seeking a specialised team of therapists each highly qualified in their modalities and each possessing their own individual qualities necessary to deliver the caring professional service that you will experience at our centre. We offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where you can learn about your own wellbeing and find the therapy best suited to your needs.


Our logo, the Star of David, has been chosen carefully to represent our centre and what we stand for. The Star of David, earlier known as Solomon’s Seal, is made of two triangles each believed to represent the male and female sexuality, thus their combination symbolises unity and harmony. In Alchemy the two triangles represent fire and water and together symbolise the interpenetration of the two realms, the spiritual realm meeting the physical realm. The Star of David is most associated with continuity, good luck, honour and survival.

The six points o­n the Star of David introduce further meaning to our logo. The number six is nurturing and understanding representing duty and responsibility. It is generous and sympathetic, self sacrificing and caring. The number six is spiritually protected and unifies the spiritual world with the material world through love.


The colours chosen also have significance to our centre. Violet is the seventh colour of the rainbow and is the colour of ritual magic, mystery and mysticism. Violet represents the end of a cycle, of letting go so that the new may be born. It is the colour of completion, renewal and re-growth. It is deeply healing and soothes the pain of body and spirit.

Royal Blue symbolises deep wisdom and takes us to a new level of understanding. It relates to our sixth sense but comes with caution not to be “so heavenly that we are not earthly”. It signifies being highly efficient and seeing things through to their conclusion. Royal Blue has great strength and endurance and is the highest peak of performance, where performance becomes inspiration.

Turquoise is associated with teaching, and is a colour of self-reliance and free thinking independence. It is the colour of the new age – the Aquarian Age. It symbolises emotion and represents feeling expressed through word, through silence, through thought, through all forms of communication. Turquoise signifies the communication, not of o­ne to o­ne, but of o­ne to many.

“After my first Bowen Therapy session I had more energy than I can remember having for a long time. I felt focused and found it easier to overcome my emotional issues.”

JM, East Coburg, Bowen Therapy


Our mission is to provide alternative remedies for those experiencing dis-ease within the body and to promote health and wellbeing for all. Feel free to come in and chat to any of our therapists to gain a better understanding and have your questions answered. Thank you for your support and we endeavour to provide you with the best therapies and products available.