Angel readings assist people with their direction and purpose in life. A card reading can also be given to answer or shed light o­n a particular issue. Angel intuitive readings may also be given for no reason other than to allow angels to connect with you. A reading can take many forms and each reading is very individual. You may choose to discuss your issue at the start of the reading or you may choose to keep things to yourself and see what the reading brings up for you. The colours of your aura may also be read which can reveal a lot about a person. Psychometry may be used, where a piece of jewellery, a watch or car keys are held to reveal information. Automatic writing is another way the angels connect with us and is often used in a reading. This is a great avenue to ask questions. The reading uses three different types of angel cards and can deliver a lot of messages. These messages can then be confirmed with each set of cards. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience all play a major part of an angel intuitive reading. Having an angle intuitive reading can sometimes open up a whole new world for the client and allows a new connection with the angels for your future path. At the Natural Approach Healing Centre, we have two angel intuitive therapists, who have completed the first Angel Intuitive Course with Doreen Virtue, and would love to connect you with your angels.