Archetypes came to prominence through Carl Jung, but can be traced back to Plato's days. They are forces of the collective unconscious, universal images of great emotional power, patterns of behaviour and role models and have evolved as we have evolved.

All archetypes have a negative and positive connotation and this is seen according to whether the archetype sits in the Tribal or Symbolic level of maturation. An archetype can be at either end of the spectrum, or be in transition in the middle. It can play out at o­ne end in certain, given situation , but change to the other end when a new situation arises.

When an archetype sits at a Tribal level of consciousness, it is usually subject to dogma, credos, different rules and regulations and these control the unconscious. At this level, misuse of this energy can lead to psychosis or paranoia. Fear is always present at this level.

The process of Individuation is o­ne of evolution of individual consciousness in which the unconscious archetype is integrated with consciousness. The goal of individuation is to weaken or see the illusion of the control mechanisms and oppression of ideals and passions.

At the Symbolic level, wise use of the archetypes can lead to creative drive and fulfilment of goals and passions, coupled with an understanding that there is a Higher Reality operating and allowing the intuitive faculties to guide you.
In an archetypal reading you can expect your archetypes to be placed in the twelve astrological houses. The therapist will read and interpret the chart to inform the client how far they have come in life, what they can achieve. They will advise where any blockages lie and how to overcome them.

A reading can be drawn from your birth (Natal Reading) incorporating your birth archetypes and life lessons to date. A reading can also be directed around a specific event or issue to help with understanding and to clear any blockages that may prevent the client from moving forward in life.