Ayurveda is India’s traditional system of health and healing- perhaps Humankind’s most ancient medical system- from many thousands of years ago.

Ayurveda’s seers isolated three forces which are particularly important within the body and harmony of the body. These forces are called the three doshas. (they are VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) The word dosha means ‘fault’, ‘mistake’, ‘imperfection’.

So lets look at the CONSTITUTION of your little one’s.



VATA babies- who are vata predominant are often more sensitive than the other types, in every way. They may startle easily, and may seem needlessly apprehensive. They often sleep less, or wake more often, and may cry suddenly and then stop just as suddenly for no apparent reason. Noise and cold may bother them. They often have irregular bowel movements, which may be hard and/or hard to pass. They may pass a great deal of gas, and they may also tend to be colicky.

PITTA babies- Pitta –predominant babies rarely take no for an answer. When they want something they want it NOW, and may bellow until they get it, particularly if it is food. Sleep may not interest them much. They usually enjoy eating and digest well, although they may be prone to loose stools when they over-eat or are over-stimulated. Their skin, which is often sensitive to the sun, may be as irritable as their temperament.

KAPHA babies-babies in whom kapha is in the ascendant are often more placid and less sensitive than the other two types. They tend to have big bones, and may put on weight easily.  They also tend to be more regular in their eating, sleeping and bowel habits, and are more likely to sleep through the night than their compatriots from the other doshas.

Please be aware that few people are uni-doshic in constitution, and your baby is likely to have one primary dosha and one that, although secondary, will still occasionally rise up to throw its weight around. Also, whatever your baby’s personal constitution may be, children are basically kapha predominant because childhood is the kapha season of life. This is why they grow easily, sleep a lot, rebound quickly from disease or injury, and are often exquisitely emotionally sensitive.

I hope you Enjoy learning about Ayurveda, and how simple this method is to keep your body/mind balanced.