CHILBLAINSa very painful condition normally felt in the winter months for people who are exposed to the cold, or have poor circulation and sometimes where there is a nutritional deficiency of Calc Phos. Chilblains are an inflamed condition of the skin with swelling of the subcutaneous tissues, usually affecting the hands or feet. These can be red or blue and in severe cases crack and become ulcerated.

What you can do to prevent these conditions:

  • Keep warm- hands and feet (tight shoes will rub and restrict circulation)
  • If you get cold hands or feet- warm them gently and slowly
  • Exercise will improve your circulation
  • Check if you know your circulation is bad (cold hands/feet all time) check your body is not out of alignment- Bowen Therapy
  • Try taking Schuessler Tissue Salts-Calc Phos to aid the circulation. These can be obtained at our centre or most larger Chemists or Health food stores.