Children’s Holistic Counselling


Holistic healing counselling Carlton

Holistic counselling encourages parents to build strategies for self empowerment which can be used independently. Restoring a child’s inner security can
alleviate any misunderstood conflict or troubled behaviour.

Many adults believe that childhood is a time of carefree days and no responsibility. In fact, anxiety is the most common problem experienced by
children of all ages.
Many children are classed as troubled kids, but when a child is sad or worries, or is anxious over a loss or disturbed by witnessing something scary,
they tend to act out and behave in ways that adults can’t understand. These emotions can develop self conflict later in adulthood.
We can’t deny that negative feelings and painful experiences are part of the human condition. Children’s feelings are powerful and to develop self-trust they
can realise that even the scariest feeling is normal
The goal of a holistic counsellor is to let children have fun doing the serious business and gaining an inner security that allows them to embrace the world in
which they live, allowing children to feel brighter and more confident.
This is achieved by tapping into children’s natural delight with the complementary use of media and by applying a range of tools to promote the release of
painful feelings or behaviours and replacing them with tools that create such joy through relaxation, visualisation and meditation, to restore the sparkle
to their eyes.

Holistic Living Counselling encourages parents to take part in the session. o­ne of the best ways to help children to be happy, is to be happy o
urselves. We are our children’s best role model. The ability to live, in your own spirit, is o­ne of the greatest gifts you can give your child. It can help you build
strategies for you and your child to use independently for self empowerment and personal success.
What the world needs now is support for our children, support that promotes self esteem, responsibility and independence. Our children today are our
adults tomorrow. Let’s encourage their self esteem and provide a lasting foundation for happiness