Throughout civilisation man has adorned himself with crystals, not o­nly for decoration but for their healing properties as well. Today crystals are commonly used in the mechanics of radios, wrist watches and computers, however there is much more to crystals than this. Studies have suggested that out of 234 muscle pain sufferers who each held crystals, an astounding 227 sufferers reported an immediate reduction in their pain. In a Crystal Healing, the Therapist will assess what you are hoping to achieve and, as different crystals have different healing properties, will choose the crystals that will benefit you most. The Therapist will place the chosen crystals o­n or around your body for optimum healing. The Therapist will then perform some energy work to enhance your healing and to further activate the crystals to do their own healing. In addition to feeling totally relaxed and serene, some people experience tingling, or warmth at the site of the crystals. This is due to the transfer of energy from Therapist to client, or crystal to client. A session can last for up to an hour. The Therapist will sometimes recommend that you source a particular crystal to continue the healing process. To do this, crystal jewellery can be worn, crystals can be placed in and around the home, crystals can be used in meditation or a small crystal can be carried o­n you at all times. A crystal healing has many benefits, whether it be for relaxation, to re-balance your chakras, or to aid in healing a particular ailment. Some common crystals and their healing properties include… Rose Quartz - Balances Yin Yang energy & all upper emotional chakras. Jade - Strengthens heart & kidneys. Sodalite - Encourages self trust & self esteem. Carnelian - Strengthens vital organs & aids tissue regeneration.

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