Cupping Therapy Melbourne – Natural Approach

Cupping is an ancient therapy used in many cultures around the world. A cup is applied to the skin where reduced air pressure created inside cup (either by
flame or manual suction) draws skin and superficial muscles inside. Cups can be static, running, wet or popping depending on the therapeutic goal
of the session. With fire cupping there is a little risk of burning.


Acupuncturists use it on specific acupuncture points or on local areas of stagnation. It removes stagnation (eg pain) and opens the meridians so that qi (vita
l energy) can flow freely. It can help rejuvenate organs and meridians that are not functioning at optimum level. Cupping is known to activate the
lymphatic system, promote blood circulation and facilitate deep tissue repair.


Many people report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a cupping session. Glass cups are generally used, but bamboo, ceramic or plastic can also be
used. Cups may be fitted with a manual valve for sucking out air, or may have a flame used for de-pressurising the cup. Valves may offer a therapist
more control over the amount of suction. Cups may be left in a static position for upwards of 10 minutes. If running cupping is employed then massage
oil is placed on skin and the cup is glided over the area. Wet cupping involves the pricking of a vein and then letting the cupping suction remove blood.
Popping cupping is where the therapist will place the cup then immediately pop it off, then place the cup in another


position and pop it off continuing for upward of five minutes. You may expect marks often described as bruising left where the cup has been. This can range
from local redness to very dark coloured bruising. This is not tender to touch and should disappear within a few days, although if the marks are
very dark it may take up to a week.


Cupping is generally used for pain management, gastrointestinal disorders and lung complaints. It can effect tissues up to four inches deep, causing the
release of toxins and stimulating blood flow. Examples outside of the general use of cupping include the clearing of the colon, reducing stretch marks
and improving the appearance of varicose veins.


If it takes longer, then qi and blood deficiency is indicated and the practitioner may decide to treat you for that as well.