Emotional Freedom

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique?
EFT can be used to address fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, most traumatic memories as well as some physical problems. Like many other natural therapies, there are no negative side effects and the success rate is high.

EFT is a therapy which uses the light tapping of a therapist’s fingertips to work with the meridians of the body. This ‘tapping’ is effective in diffusing certain emotions that exist around fears, phobias, traumatic events, etc.

How many sessions until I’m healed?

Each client is assessed individually and it depends o¬n the issue being dealt with. An issue involving a fear of public speaking may be addressed and dealt with in just o¬ne session, however a fear of water may take longer. This is due to underlying issues involving fear around drowning, fear around not being able to breath and may also involve a traumatic memory, all of which are associated to the initial fear of water.

What can I expect from a session?

One session will last approximately o¬ne hour, during which time the client will be asked to sit and explain in depth the issue they would like to address. The therapist will assess the client at length to identify the core issue as well as any associated issues that will also need to be dealt with to enable complete healing. Once this has been established, the therapist will ‘tap’ using their finger tips o¬n specific points of the clients body, usually around the eyes, under nose and chin, and o¬n the chest. This tapping is very gentle and does not inflict pain.

As stated earlier, each case is assessed individually and some problems may be resolved immediately, while others may take a few sessions. In most cases after the initial session, the client will be asked to reinforce this tapping outside of the session in their own time. This speeds up the clients healing time.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to rid yourself of your negative energy. To know more about EFT, please contact our Centre on 03 9370 8777, where one of our staff can assist you further.