How many of you know that my journey as a Therapist started with learning Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is an amazing tool whereby the therapist will use a muscle to ask questions and your body responds. Within Brain Gym there are many techniques that can keep your body in optimal condition no matter what career you may have.

This newsletter I have chosen two corrections that everybody could benefit from







Wayne Cook, (an expert in electromagnetic energy) developed this process. It is done in two parts, Part 1, stimulates the movement of blocked energy whilst simultaneously connecting all energy circuits in the body. While Part 2 connects and balances both sides (hemispheres) of the brain.

As many of us work in stressful environments where there are other imposing electrical energies disrupting our own body’s energy, such as air conditioning, computers, fluorescent lighting, and even televisions. Doing these processes will strengthen your body’s own energy system making it stronger so it can cope with everyday stress’s, others have reported increased vitality, improved self-concept, and an enhanced sense of personal boundaries.

Give them a go they only require a few minutes of your valuable time.


Whilst sitting comfortably in a chair, place one ankle on top of your opposite knee (you may use which ever leg is more comfortable. Now grasp your ankle with the opposite side hand, and the ball of your foot with the same side hand. Now you will relax into taking deep breaths, but on you inhaling place your tongue on the roof of your month (just back from your teeth) on the exhale relax your tongue. Close your eyes and complete about six to eight complete breath cycles in and out.


Still sitting comfortably, your legs are now uncrossed with feet flat on the floor. Take your hands and join the fingertips together as if you are encasing a balloon. We close our eyes again and continue our breathing in and out with tongue on the roof of the mouth when we inhale and relax it on exhaling. Again do six to eight complete breath cycles in and out.



The Second Procedure is called  “CROSS CRAWL”

This process works with the brain activating and engaging both hemispheres in coordination of the abilities for visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities. Thus improving your skills in listening, reading, writing, and memory.

CROSS CRAWL Procedure:

This process is very simple and only requires you to “March” on the spot for 8 to 10  counts- But it is MOST important that you tap each opposite knee along the way (it is this opposite effect that switches the brain on or off)- if you have injuries and cannot stand you can do this sitting