Family Planning

Are you aware that your general health affects your reproductive health, and vice versa? Are you aware that your reproductive health, before conception, may affect the health of your pregnancy and your baby?

Preconception health care for both parents can make a profound difference to the physical, emotional and mental health of your baby.

For the best health of a new baby, good nutritional supplementation begins prior to conception. This is because the mother’s egg takes approximately 100 days to mature before ovulation and the father’s sperm needs about 116 days to form. During this time, both are very susceptible to damage. A period of 4 months for preconception health care enables sperm and egg to develop in a toxin-free and nutrient-rich environment to enable optimum health of both. This provides the best possible conditions for the long term health of the baby. It takes two very healthy parents to make a healthy baby and preconception care for both parents is the ideal way to achieve this.

Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements are prescribed for each individual situation, with appropriate dietary, stress control and detoxification measures. These will be revised o­n a regular basis until conception occurs. After conception we can advise nutrition and health care during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.