Flower essences are liquid extracts, generally taken in oral form, which can be used to address issues of emotional wellbeing, soul development and
mind-body health. Flowers have been used for centuries but today flower essences are gaining worldwide recognition for their contribution to holistic health and
wellness programs.

Flower essences are a vibrational remedy as they embody the specific energetic patterns of each flower. The essences do not have any direct bio-chemical
interaction with the physiology of the body, rather the essences work through the various energy fields of the human body. This in turn
influences mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The effect of flower essences can be likened to that experienced when you hear a profound piece
of music or see an inspirational piece of art. The light or sound waves which reach your senses, evoke feelings in our soul, which indirectly affects
our breathing, pulse rate and other physical states. These patterns, like flower essences, do not directly impact our bodies with physical or
chemical intervention but instead they resonate with and awaken particular qualities within the human soul. Flower essences provide a therapy to nurture
and sustain health with the forces of Nature.

Flower essences are not drugs, rather they are catalysts which stimulate and energize the inner transformative process. They leave the soul in freedom and
are best used within a context of inner development. Therefore flower essences are not used to treat particular diseases but they help us learn the
lessons of our ailments and to meet the challenges presented to our souls through pain and suffering. Unlike pain killing drugs which can create long term
dependence, flower essences stimulate lasting changes in consciousness, which will continue to be part of our lives long after we stop taking the

‘True health is more than just ‘getting by’. It means plunging into life and fully engaging body and soul in all that we do.’