Guasha – Digestive Problems Melbourne – The Natural Approach Healing Centre

Guasha is an East Asian healing technique employing the use of of a ceramic spoon, coin, buffalo horn or even jar lid. “Gua” means to scrape. “Sha” is the
term for blood stasis within the subcutaneous tissue before and after it is raised as petechiae. It is used to prevent and treat diseases as well as
strengthen the body. It is especially useful for pain relief such as head, neck and shoulder stiffness, joint and back pain, fibromyalgia or RSI


Guasha works by increasing oxygen to the area treated, stimulate blood flow and dispelling heat. It does so by raising stagnation and/or toxins to the surface
so that it may be metabolised and eliminated from the body.


In many cases you can expect and immediate shift in your condition especially if it is one of pain or constraint. In the treatment session oil is used on the area
of skin to be treated. Scraping begins with the therapists tool of choice in a downward direction from the head. Treatment can either follow
acupuncture meridians or work in a general area of local stagnation. The area quickly becomes red, and in the areas of particular stagnation it will
become darker. This colour may also be used diagnostically by the therapist as it can indicate depth or age of the disease and where it is concentrated. Although the
marks left by the guasha look painful they are not. Treatment is generally pain free with no residual sensations. The petechiae should fade
between 2-4 days.


Guasha is most commonly used to: reduce fever; treat digestive, urinary and gynaecological disorders; increase circulation, fibromyalgia; lung complaints
such as bronchitis, musculo-skeletal problems; tension and stiffness; headaches; heat related problems such as sunstroke or fatigue and to prevent or stop
colds and flu before or as they start.