How Chronic Caffeine Use Can Lead to Voice Changes.

Diet and Health Implications

Caffeine is a common part of the dietary intake of teenagers and adults today. For many individuals, consumption of caffeine provides an energy burst needed to get through the most difficult parts of the day. If you are a regular 

consumer of caffeine, it is important to become familiar with the role caffeine plays in your health, in particular how caffeine may induce a change in your voice.

The esophagus has a very delicate transport control known as the sphincter which opens and closes as we ingest food and beverages. The sphincter, over time, can begin to malfunction when the effects of caffeine cause the muscle to progressively begin to atrophy and relax. When this type of complication occurs in caffeine drinkers, it is not uncommon to experience gastric reflux, GERD, and chronic cases of heartburn- the cause, of which, is attributed to the presence of gastric fluids in the esophagus.

Over time, as the sphincter muscle continues to relax with caffeine intake, you can expect that your reflux and heartburn complications will worsen. As the gastric fluids reach into the esophagus, the voice box and larynx can be adversely affected. In fact, many caffeine drinkers find their vocal tissues are permanently eroded and even scarred from the excessive exposure to the gastric fluids that seep out through the sphincter muscle.

If you rely on your voice for your profession, it is especially important to consider how your consumption of caffeine can have a life altering affect on your vocal cords. Reducing your caffeine intake now can help to reduce this risk by allowing your esophageal sphincter to regain some strength and control over the containment of gastric fluids.

If you find that chronic heartburn or GERD are an issue for you, then seek out medical attention from a professional than can work with you to improve your symptoms so as to prevent long term vocal cord damage and long term permanent changes in the sound of your voice. In doing so, you can save yourself from much embarrassment as loss and change in voice comes with age and reduce the pain associated from these side effects of caffeine intake.