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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy in its clinical setting is a means of facilitating profound and meaningful change. Hypnotherapy is nothing more than a deep state of relaxation
during which the mind becomes very focused.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful healing tool because it reassures and counsels the sub-conscious mind. Many people who believe that they would be
unable to cope with giving up vices such as gambling, cigarettes, and Illicit drugs have been pleasantly surprised at the success of clinical

Clients find the necessary confidence to not o­nly cope with but also embrace positive changes through using hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a short cut to
healing as it deals directly with the sub-conscious mind where true and profound change occurs very quickly.

Hypnotherapy is similar to meditation. Both require: the participant to go into a very relaxed and safe state of consciousness, the brain to slow down allowing
the mind to focus better, and in both the participant is in full control.

Unlock your real Personality and embrace the best life has to offer.

Myths About Hypnotherapy:
The following statements are some commonly misguided beliefs about hypnotherapy:
· There is no such thing as hypnotherapy.
· Some people cannot be hypnotized.
· There is a weakness or mental illness in those who can be hypnotized.
· The person under hypnosis can be controlled.
· Hypnotherapy is a form of sleep during which the person is unconscious.
All of the above statements are false.

The Truth About Hypnotherapy:
· Hypnotherapy certainly does exist and everybody can be hypnotized.
· Determined and strong willed people are often better candidates for hypnosis. Furthermore, being mentally well or ill has no bearing o­n being hypnotized.
· The hypnotherapist does not control the client. In fact, the client is the o­ne in charge of the hypnotic experience. The hypnotherapist is merely a facilitator
who cannot control the clients will.
· During hypnotherapy, the client is generally conscious and the mind is very focused. At times, a client may fall asleep but will continue to process
suggestions for twenty minutes or so.

Hypnotherapy can assist people discover what their ‘core problem’ is, and help them solve it.

Within our minds we have many parts, some people call them ‘hats’ or ‘masks’. They are different aspects of our personality. Most are emotions, Love,
Hate, Anger, Anxiety, Fear, etc. These ‘parts’ of us determine how we feel and behave. When we have problems, feel anxious, panic, depressed or fear, it is
because these parts are not in balance; maybe not even working together.

In Hypnotherapy we can access these parts of our personality, find out why they are out of balance, return them to a balanced state and teach them to stay
that way.

At times it is necessary to go back into a persons past to access the core problem. If this is necessary the therapist can assist with the problem without
having to know all the details. In fact, it is o­nly the feelings that the therapist needs to know about. Because isn’t that the real problem – the feelings
that come up?

By dealing with the subconscious mind where our deepest problems live, true profound and lasting changes can occur very quickly.
Once the ‘core problem’ is found and solved, self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance can o­nce again grow.

This leads to self-empowerment.

Hypnotherapy helps with:

· Gambling
· Stop Smoking
· Depression
· Addictions
· Alcoholism
· Drug Addiction
· Pain Control
· Child Birth
· Past Life Regression
· Dream Analysis
· Phobias
· Anxiety
· Panic Attacks
· Self-confidence
· Self-Esteem
· Weight Management
· Memory Enhancement
· Stage Fright
· Insomnia
· Sports Enhancement
· Public Speaking
· Any Psychological Problem