While long air flights are usually exciting and essential to our travel plans there’s no denying they can play havoc with our bodies and minds in the adjustment process. Homoeopathic remedies along with some simple adjustments to diet and self-care can be extremely useful in allowing the adaptation to change to be a smooth process.

Jet Lag

Start these remedies the day before the flight, take every few hours during the flight and continue afterwards until there are no more symptoms. Also recommended are Echinacea and extra Vitamin C.Arnica: Repeat every few hours during the flight and until jet-lag symptoms disappear. Helps reduce physical tiredness and aching muscles and limbs especially if there is a feeling of ‘as if bruised and beaten’. Cocculus: Dizzy and stressed from disturbance to sleep patterns and loss of sleep. There is exhaustion and may be an empty hollow feeling. Kali phos: Has a tonic and calming effect on the nervous system. Alternate with Arnica.Jet Lag Complex: An option to the above simplex remedies is our combination jet lag remedy that includes Arnica, Kali phos and Cocculus.

Adjustment to change

Kali phos: Is an excellent remedy for those of us who can become overstimulated with time changes, long flights and so on. It has a wonderful calming effect. Arsenicum: Helps the body to adjust to change, physical, emotional and psychic. It can be useful for food poisoning, stomach upsets & colds that come on with environmental changes. Consider a daily dose starting a few days before travel and continuing as needed during the trip. This includes adjusting to food, water and climate. Nux vomica: Is indicated when there are alterations to our usual routines, particularly affecting sleep and digestive function. Colds

Anas barb: A dose right before the trip can help lessen your susceptibility to upper respiratory viruses that may be lingering in confined spaces. Plus Aconite and Ferrum phos at the first sign of symptoms. Gelsemium: Classic aches and pains flu.

Congestion and Ear Pain

The following remedies may be helpful for ear symptoms associated with air travel. Seek professional attention on arrival if the symptoms resolve only partially or recur. Kali mur: If you are currently recovering from an upper respiratory bug, flying may cause pain in the ears, especially on descent. Kali mur helps thin mucous and decongest the ears – so while your nose may run more, the ear pressure will ease up. Start in the lead up to your flight and then during the flight if you feel fullness in the ear. Aconite: Symptoms come on suddenly, especially when the person is very apprehensive or frightened with a particular fear of flying. Belladonna: Sudden onset of symptoms, often right sided. Intense throbbing pain and cramping congestion. Face or ear red and hot. Chamomilla: Ear symptoms often associated with teething with one cheek red and one pale. Irritable, restless, peevish & can’t be pleased, finds any pain unbearable. Pulsatilla: Clingy, placid, loving and mild during earache. Weak, whiny and wanting consolation. Symptoms often come on during a cold when the nasal discharge has become thick, yellowy green. Worse in closed warm spaces and changes in air pressure.

Fluid retention and circulation

Nat mur: Can help balance fluid levels and reduce swollen ankles. Start the day before travel, and continue regularly during the flight and as needed for a few days.

Grumpy Fractious Children

Chamomilla: Suits babies and young children who become spiteful, hitting parents. Whine, scream & cannot be comforted. Insist on being carried & cry loudly when held still or put down. Demands things then throws them away when offered.

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