Kinesiology is the study of motion, where ” Muscle testing” is the key technique used to detect and correct various imbalances in the body.

Kinesiology is the study of motion, in particular how muscles act and coordinate to move the body. In the natural health field, however, the term is used differently where ‘Muscle Testing’ is the key technique used to detect and correct various imbalances in the body. Imbalances may be related to stress, nutrition, learning problems, injuries and so o­n and are detected through the muscles which become monitors of stress and imbalance.

Kinesiology is a system first made available by an American Chiropractor, George Goodheart, in the early sixties. Goodheart began testing muscles to evaluate their function, posture and general body imbalances. He discovered corrective measures for these dysfunctions and then made Kinesiology available to other Chiropractors and professionals. However, it took another Chiropractor, John Thie, to systemise Kinesiology into a self help method that could be taught to the lay person. Since then Kinesiology has been taught to millions of people the world over, in many languages.

Kinesiology can be very versatile in that its concepts and techniques can be applied anywhere at any time.  It can be expanded and developed to suit individual needs or tastes and can be used o­n o­neself, family or in a professional situation. Some aspects of Kinesiology include Food Sensitivity Testing which is used to determine food intolerances so individuals can monitor regularly which foods their bodies are not coping with. Another aspect of Kinesiology is the ability to locate and influence the meridians and circuits within the body. Using Kinesiology we can obtain feedback about the state of our meridians, which form an intricate part of the network of circuits in our body, including the nervous system. These circuits, when exposed to stress and inappropriate diet, amongst other factors, have the ability to ‘switch off’. This then upsets the smooth running of the body’s functions. Kinesiology has developed many ‘switch o­n’ points and techniques for eyes, ears, coordination and the brain as a ‘whole’ which have had success when used to improve learning difficulties. Kinesiology has also been developed to incorporate many stress release techniques which are often used with affirmations or when working with goals. These techniques are used regularly in consulting work as stress and the blocking of emotions is found to be the basis of many disharmonies which impair proper body and mind functioning. The use of muscle testing, as used in Kinesiology, has proven to be an invaluable tool to identify the stresses and imbalances beneath many of our health and performance problems.