The study of numbers and what life lessons they bring.

Numerology is an ancient study of numbers, uncovering a person’s unique pattern or blueprint.

All numbers carry a different frequency; therefore each person’s date of birth shall determine a set of particular lessons, skills and abilities, characteristics, and weaknesses.

Then put with it the numbers that represent your name, and we have another chapter of information which can be used to help you see things in your life a lot clearer or understand why things happen a certain way.  Often just understanding why things are happening can move you through periods that seem “blocked” in your life. In other words, it can be the key to unlock the learning needed for those life lessons we came here to learn.

With numerology we have blocks of years where we are working through  a life lesson, and then that period ends and we are thrown into another block of years with a new lesson- how advantageous it is to have a bit of insight into these so that we can sail through life with less struggles and much more understanding and enjoyment.

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