Thursday happy hint  7th Jan 2016


Over the Christmas period I have treated so many Jaw issues- I thought you might like to know  more about the causes of Jaw issues – metaphysically.

Jaw Disorders- Physical Block

Jaw refers to either of the two bony structures that hold the teeth and frame the mouth. The Upper and Lower jaws are hinged and joined directly to the skull. Jaw disorders can range from PAIN, FRACTURE, or LOCKJAW, or GRINDING.

EMOTIONAL BLOCK. – Proper jaw action is essential to the movement of the mouth in eating or speaking. It is important to know whether the problem prevents you from chewing or from speaking. If it impedes speech, it indicates repressed anger, which prevents you from expressing yourself. If this mindset persists, your jaw will lock, indicating a tendency towards self-control. Ironically, in demanding this self-control, you have lost control of your jaw. You have an urgent need to express yourself.  If it impedes chewing or biting into something, this indicates difficulty in taking a good bite out of life or in biting into a situation you desire.

MENTAL BLOCK – Your body is telling you to ascertain what fears are causing you to be so restrained and self-controlling. Are these fears justified? Face up to them; you have the strength to do so.

Its interesting how our body reacts to what is going on in our life- your body will always tell on you.

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