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Reflexology is the application of pressure to specific points in the feet which stimulate a physiological response. It is an energy therapy stimulating the
body’s innate healing ability. Energy imbalance is the cause of all illnesses. A rigid body can not allow the free flowing healing to enact the positive
response required and through this treatment, such rigidity is released and changes in systems can occur. Reflexology is a tactile therapy and is
non-invasive, however loose clothing is helpful when receiving the treatment. When touched, an emotional response is elicited – it is an
immunostimulant as it raises T cell activity

Reflexology works directly o­n the circulatory and nervous systems, local connective tissue, musculo-skeletal of lower legs and feet. It indirectly affects
lymph, autonomic nervous system and ultimately affects the entire body due to somatic replicated points o­n the feet. Reflexology is for tired, aching
feet and body, pain relief, stress relief and relaxation, improvement of circulation and lymphatic flow, boosting of immunity and improved sense
wellbeing. It improves confidence and revitalizes energy. Reflexologists treat people, not diseases

Reflexology is a very ancient therapy dating back some 5000 years ago when the Chinese practiced a form of pressure therapy. It was also practiced in
India, where Hindu temples and shrines portray the soles of the feet with symbols which closely correspond to know reflex points today. Ancient
Egyptians used similar methods in 3000BC as illustrated from tomb drawings. Early American Indians and African tribes also practiced a form of

Reflexology and Pregnancy…
Pregnancy is a time when you need to be nurtured and cherished, Reflexology can help with nausea, backaches, swollen ankles, high or low blood
pressure, fatigue, headaches, and anxiety.
Hand reflexology is especially beneficial for carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy.

When beginning a treatment, a client is assessed and the condition of the feet is a reflection of the status of the body systems, including skin
, musculo-skeletal, nervous, circulatory and secretory. After a treatment a clients feet feel warm, flushed and relaxed with improved blood circulation and boosted

There are over 7000 nerve endings in the feet which indirectly affect the central nervous system through somatically replicated spine. The foot is a sensory
organ. When nerve pathways are impaired, messages are delivered slowly and unreliably. This treatment is for everybody, but in particular for the
treatment of many medical problems.

Vertical Reflex Therapy…

Our reflexologist has extended her studies to include treatments in Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT). VRT adds to the benefits of conventional reflexology and
has the possiblity of an immediate effect. VRT is a new form of reflexology on the dorsum, or top of the weight-bearing feet/hands. When
sensitised the weight-bearing reflexes enhance the response of the relfex that is stimulated and produces a profound change in the body’s energy.
VRT was created and developed in the UK by Lynne Booth who discovered VRT while working on orthopedic problems with the elderly.

Reflexology is used during VRT where tender reflexes on the foot and hand are worked simultaneously on each foot. Tender reflexes on the foot and
hand can also be worked with Zonal Triggers (ZT). ZT are found around the ankles and are a series of tiny points/reflexes and respond at a deeper
level when the person is standing. Clients are given an illustrated sheet with VRT self help techniques which may help accelerate the healing process in
your body and a quicker recovery.