Reiki is a “hands on” therapy that sends energy throughout the body to the area that requires the most healing. This therapy is very relaxing and suitable for stress release and many other conditions. This therapy “recharges” the body.
Reiki is an effective form of energy healing that is very relaxing. A Reiki session is ideal for stress relief, however it is not a form of massage.

A session will last approximately one hour and the client will be asked to lie down fully clothed on a massage table. The therapist will place their hands in certain positions over the body to enable energy flow. Some therapists work with their hands directly on the body while others work with their hands about 2 inches above the body. Universal energy is transmitted through the hands of the therapist into the client’s body and will then flow to where it is needed most within the body. The client will usually feel heat coming from the therapist’s hands, particularly when the therapist is required to hold their hands over a specific part of the body for an extended period of time. This means that particular area needs more energy for healing than the rest of the body. The therapist may choose to use specific Reiki symbols over the body to strengthen the energy being delivered.

Reiki can also be performed as an ‘absent healing’, where the client may be too sick to attend a session. Healing energy is sent to them by universal intent from the therapist or through surrogacy by using a substitute body. This method has proven to be very successful and has no side effects. The ‘absent healing’ technique is only offered with the permission of the client or guardian.

Reiki is an ideal therapy for de-stressing the body. It leaves the body feeling calm and centred. Reiki aids in the healing process and can eliminate pain. Reiki is the perfect therapy to maintain your wellbeing.

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