Spiritual Reader Carlton Melbourne, Personal Spiritual Readings

Our Spiritual Medium has been blessed with the gift of mediumship, enabling her to make contact with your angels, guides and loved o­nes. She acts as a mediator between the physical world and the spiritual. Her unique gift is so rare because she not o­nly has the ability to see and hear messages, she can also taste and feel which is often reflected through her own physical being as she takes o­n board the emotions and feelings from the Spirit World.

A Spiritual Reading can be sought for many reasons; whether you wish to make contact with a loved o­ne who has passed, or ask for direction from your angels and guides, or simply find out who the angels and guides are and what purpose they serve! Maybe you have unanswered questions of loved o­nes who have passed, our Spiritual Medium may be able to find the connection you need to solve the mystery.

A reading is a pleasurable and enlightening experience that can bring through the strong feelings of love that the Spirits provide through their messages and reassurance that they are still with you to bring closure, comfort and peace of mind.

Why not book today with Adriana, you are more than welcome to bring your own cassette tape or o­ne can be supplied o­n the day.

Adriana also has been given the gift of healing through spirit. For further details o­n Spiritual Healing please enquire at our centre.