Archetypes …Continued from the previous newsletters

Archetypes are patterns of energy that express the universal nature of the psyche, which we are all born with. Although there are many, everyone tends to have 4 identical archetypes along with varied others. These are The Child, The Victim, The Prostitute, and The Saboteur, we all go through these lessons in life. Symbolically, archetypes through their pictorial or descriptive language portray both shadow and light forms of reality. Put simply the shadow reflects the negative, repressed aspect of a psychological process, the light reflects the positive, and both expressions are observable. As a rule, the shadow tends to present first through a sense of dis-ease, which is a wonderful way for spirit to get our attention. If we fail to recognize what the dis-ease is about then events will take over, that is we get sick or find that life takes a deeper dive into disaster or despair. Archetypes provide powerful insights into our life, our health and our growth. As such archetypes are keys that can be used consciously by individuals to change destructive relationships, beliefs, attitudes or behaviours.

Over the past 3 newsletters we have covered these and this newsletter addresses the final one of the main 4 archetypes we all have, today we will look at the Prostitute Archetype, I will give you list of Shadow/ negative and Light/ positive sides- maybe this will help you to see where you block, delay, or obstruct your own progress.

PROSTITUTE the Shadow/Negative.

The shadow Prostitute compromises principles, morals, ethics and heart desires for payment (such as money, acceptance, or approval).


  • Uses financial arguments not to change-“I need the money” (security}
  • Remains in an unhappy situation for financial protection-marriage, job.
  • Finds that “selling out” is easier than changing.
  • Compromises creative or moral integrity for approval or gain.
  • “sleeps their way to the top”- sells their body for gain.
  • Engages in promiscuous behaviour for payment- money, things, acceptance.
  • is easily tempted by external “things”-has a “can be bought” attitude.
  • Has materialistic desires that kill off any real sense of choice.
  • Blames circumstances, history, or woundedness for life choices.
  • Uses woundedness to justify selling out.
  • Has impaired internal and/or external boundaries.
  • Believes others are superior-constantly feels less valuable than other people.
  • Is overwhelmed by feelings of shame and feeling lost.
  • Hides or withdraws from social life due to pain, fear, anger, guilt or shame.
  • feels cheap, unworthy, acts submissively, experiences self-loathing.
  • expects to be abused or disapproved of.
  • filters experiences through damaged thinking- is unable to find self-worth.
  • lacks any sense of spiritual connectedness- is unable to go within.
  • is unable to distinguish between feelings of guilt and shame.
  • is out of touch with “natural healthy” emotions- feels only worthlessness.
  • believes that sex is related to shame.
  • uses soliciting behaviour for personal gain.
  • uses sex to gain attention or love.
  • is controlled by desires- integrity is prostituted.
  • is unable to respond to the world with sense, caution and conviction.
  • has great difficulty experiencing functional levels of self-esteem.
  • believes that a meaningful life is unobtainable.
  • yearns constantly for a meaningful life but feels cheated and disillusioned.
  • has debased or corrupt thinking- will bribe others for personal gain.
  • is unable to feel passion for life- mistakes sex for passion.

PROSTITUTE the Light/ Positive.

The Prostitute archetype energy in the light is about choosing integrity above all else-you never consider selling your body, mind or spirit for any reason ever again.


  • you develop a strong energy field that says “not for sale”
  • you follow your heart, without selling out.
  • you develop inner power- you are centred and balanced.
  • you develop positive, supportive and nurturing qualities.
  • you meet challenges as they occur with grace.
  • you feel strong enough to reject the seductive power of convention.
  • you take life in and live it passionately.
  • you forgive yourself and others who have participated in the prostitutes lessons.
  • you develop ways to experience self-renewal.
  • you nourish the soul through forgiveness and an unshakeable integrity.
  • you develop humility and accountability.
  • you know that “healthy shame” functions as a built-in regulator- human beings are imperfect and fallible and at times will need to make amends.
  • you recognise that mistakes are opportunities to learn and mature.
  • you know that emotions like guilt, pain, shame, fear and anger do not define self-worth.
  • you become aware that emotions are a gift to use to promote growth and healing.
  • you learn that comfort at a cost is no comfort at all.
  • you learn to nourish inner spiritual needs above all material desires.
  • you prefer to live in a world that is morally meaningful.
  • you release patterns of shame and blame.
  • you recapture a sense of honour and vitality.
  • you develop stamina and courage.
  • you develop “self-protective instincts” that reinforce positive awareness and conscious action.
  • you develop trust within the external and internal worlds.
  • you freely pursue heart choices.
  • you surrender all material desires for a higher purpose.

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