victimArchetypes …Continued from the Spring newsletter

Archetypes are patterns of energy that express the universal nature of the psyche, which we are all born with. Although there are many, everyone tends to have 4 identical archetypes along with varied others. These are The Child, The Victim, The Prostitute, and The Saboteur, we all go through these lessons in life. Symbolically, archetypes through their pictorial or descriptive language portray both shadow and light forms of reality. Put simply the shadow reflects the negative, repressed aspect of a psychological process, the light reflects the positive, and both expressions are observable. As a rule, the shadow tends to present first through a sense of dis-ease, which is a wonderful way for spirit to get our attention. If we fail to recognize what the dis-ease is about then events will take over, that is we get sick or find that life takes a deeper dive into disaster or despair. Archetypes provide powerful insights into our life, our health and our growth. As such archetypes are keys that can be used consciously by individuals to change destructive relationships, beliefs, attitudes or behaviours.

I intend to look at the four main archetypes over the next four newsletters-last newsletter we looked at the Saboteur, today we will look at the Victim, I will give you list of Shadow/ negative and Light/ positive sides- maybe this will help you to see where you block, delay, or obstruct your own progress.

VICTIM the Shadow/Negative.

Victims in shadow always believe that it is never there fault; they are always “blameless innocent victims” – this sentiment is expressed through language, thoughts and behaviours.


  • you are controlled by the belief, “ I don’t have a choice”.
  • you expect to suffer.
  • you believe in being “ripped off”-often feeling “used and abused”
  • you are easily intimidated.
  • you blame others for harming you and causing you two have problems.
  • you hold onto old wounds of your past believing you cannot recover until that person confesses or apologises or makes amends, giving power to the offender.
  • you suffer from an unconscious conspiracy to render yourself powerless and stuck.
  • You believe that you are unable to protect yourself or change.
  • you suffer from inner conflict-feel “pulled apart”, “cut to shreds”.
  • you feel burdened, lonely, sacrificed, crucified, separation, alienated, abandoned, betrayed, or miserable.
  • You like the strength or courage to stand on your own two feet.
  • you allow others to dominate and take your power.
  • you are controlled by other peoples’ opinions.
  • You live by the words ”good”, “bad”, “Right”, “wrong” effectively blocking true accountability-words keep you helpless and powerless.
  • you always wonder if you are “doing right”, “Acting right”, or “being right”.
  • You had driven by should and should nots- by social conditioning.
  • You know on some level that victims have power.
    • you can blame others for the way things turn out.
    • you know that being a victim means you don’t have to change.
    • you can leave a small life-you can let your fears about failure, success, conflict, responsibility, or the unknown control you.
    • you can say “poor me”…” it’s not my fault”..” I’m not responsible”..
    • you have a licence to victimise others because you’re a victim too. Pause

VICTIM the Light/ Positive.

The positive energy of the victim archetype teacher’s endurance and integrity.


  • You can’t be victimised-you find empowering ways to reduce the impact of harmful experiences.
  • you learn to overturn victim experiences and become a victor.
  • you give up blaming others and feeling victimised.
  • you find strength and courage when things go wrong.
  • you are no longer controlled by feelings of “down and out and all alone”.
  • you know that victory is a short when wisdom is complete, accessible, and grabbed whole heartedly.
  • You develop strong self-esteem, clarity, and insight-you are more aware.
  • you develop clear boundaries and hold the self-accountable.
  • you stand alone and confident-you can stand up for yourself.
  • you find inner power and the courage to change patterns and live more powerfully.
  • You find a way to live resourcefully and creatively without self-doubt.
  • You are mindful of the emotional integrity necessary to be victorious.
  • you find ways to validate yourself and trust your intuition.
  • you conquer weakness and feel vital and strong.
  • you are compassionate in your quest to raise energy beyond victim thinking.
  • You willingly go into the unknown and embrace what weights there.
  • you are self-reliant and centred/balanced.
  • you develop trust in a higher loving presence, and you are no longer afraid.
  • You trust your inner knowing even when worldly views differ.
  • you accept synchronicity is part of the life force energy.
  • You discover ways to let life flow and be endlessly creative.
  • You know that there are no victims in life only Co creators, mystery and faith.
  • you are willing to experiment, mature and trust the process of life.
  • you know that life’s mysteries unfold at the right time.
  • you pay attention to words, thoughts and feelings and change destructive patterns.
  • you stop victimising others.

Watch for the next newsletter we will explain the “CHILD” Archetype.