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Weight Loss Coach

Weight Loss Coach | Weight Loss Clinic Melbourne Weight Loss Coach

Weight Loss Coach2014-07-15T07:28:12+00:00

Dietary Advice

Dietary Advice   Nutritional Healing & Detoxing As part of a naturopathic consultation, an assessment of the client's diet is made to see whether the diet is balanced and advice is given o­n how to shift to a potentially healthier diet. If your eating habits are really in need of a major overhaul, then the [...]

Dietary Advice2014-07-15T07:21:55+00:00

House Cleansing

House Cleansing   Have your house Cleansed, rid all bad energy!!Houses and offices can become filled with negative energy which can affect us mentally and physically without us knowing that they are contributing. For example anger, negative thoughts, depression, sickness and the passing of a loved one can imprint the room where the incidents occur. [...]

House Cleansing2014-07-15T06:47:52+00:00

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling Counselling is a confidential process primarily focused o­n empowering and enhancing the psychological well-being of the client, thus enabling them to reach their full potential. The ‘counselling’ process is about the Counsellor supporting, assisting and guiding the client to work through their issues addressing their needs at their ownpace, empowering the client to strive [...]

Relationship Counselling2014-07-15T06:45:17+00:00

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing involves cleaning and energising the energy field around a person. This technique can use colour to energise the person and is used forphysical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana or ki or life energy to heal the whole physical body. It also [...]

Pranic Healing2019-10-28T11:29:33+00:00

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Past Life Regression is an effective way to unlock unexplained fears, recurring dreams and personality tendencies. By exploring past lives you can learn so much about yourself and what lessons you chose to learn this time around!Every experience we have in our lives is stored in our subconscious mind. You o­nly have [...]

Past Life Regression2014-07-15T06:29:13+00:00

Neuro-Meditation ( Serenity )

Your brain is the control tower of your life. It determines the person you are and what you do. The brain works like an organic machine, shooting out electrical signals to the rest of the body, governing our thoughts, actions, emotions and behaviour. When the brain is in balance, it is working at its best, [...]

Neuro-Meditation ( Serenity )2019-10-28T11:31:47+00:00


Hypnotherapy Counselling Melbourne | Anxiety Depression Clinic Melbourne What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy in its clinical setting is a means of facilitating profound and meaningful change. Hypnotherapy is nothing more than a deep state of relaxation during which the mind becomes very focused. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful healing tool because it reassures and counsels the [...]


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