Many of us cannot start the day without our coffee to kick start the body and brain: Well before we start Let me explain a few terminology I will use: Caffeine: Is a simulant which temporarily improves either our mental or physical performance or both. For example, it may make you more alert and energetic. [...]

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Voice Analysis

What Can A Voice Analysis Do For You? With Voice Analysis Harmony (VAH) technology, you can get an overall picture of your health, discover which emotions are holding you back and why, chart a plan for a greater sense of wellbeing, determine the true source of nagging symptoms, find out where your physical system is [...]

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JET LAG and Traveling

While long air flights are usually exciting and essential to our travel plans there’s no denying they can play havoc with our bodies and minds in the adjustment process. Homoeopathic remedies along with some simple adjustments to diet and self-care can be extremely useful in allowing the adaptation to change to be a smooth process. [...]

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AYURVEDA and your BABIES Ayurveda is India’s traditional system of health and healing- perhaps Humankind’s most ancient medical system- from many thousands of years ago. Ayurveda’s seers isolated three forces which are particularly important within the body and harmony of the body. These forces are called the three doshas. (they are VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) The word dosha [...]


Universal Numbers

NUMBERS AND THERE MEANINGS   Have  you ever been in a situation whereby you see the same comination of numbers several times, this is the universe talking to you through numbers. Lets take for example “111” maybe you saw a number plate with “111” then you woke in the night to see the clock saying [...]

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Owens Homeopathic

WINTER IS HERE, AND ALONG WITH IT ALL ITS BUGS AND COLDS. Winter is a time we all try to keep ourself and our children warm and free from the dreaded winter ailments. Unless you have been a mother up all night trying to settle a coughing child, it is hard to explain the helplessness [...]

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pranic healing 123

 Thursday happy hint  7th Jan 2016   Over the Christmas period I have treated so many Jaw issues- I thought you might like to know  more about the causes of Jaw issues – metaphysically. Jaw Disorders- Physical Block Jaw refers to either of the two bony structures that hold the teeth and frame the mouth. [...]

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Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom What is the Emotional Freedom Technique?EFT can be used to address fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, most traumatic memories as well as some physical problems. Like many other natural therapies, there are no negative side effects and the success rate is high.EFT is a therapy which uses the light tapping of a therapist's fingertips [...]

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